Vote Yes on 25th May

A woman you love might need your Yes.

Abortion is already a reality in Ireland. On 25th May your YES vote will mean we can regulate abortion and care for the women who need it.

Every day at least two women take an abortion pill at home alone with no medical support. Most are already mothers.

Vote YES to ensure women who need an abortion will have the support of their doctor.

Voting NO means unsafe and unregulated abortions will continue to happen all over Ireland every day.

We know that pregnancy can sometimes go wrong.

Vote YES to allow doctors to treat women whose health is put at risk in pregnancy.

Voting NO means forcing women and couples with a diagnosis of fatal foetal anomaly, or rape victims who become pregnant, to travel abroad for care.

Life is complicated, and every pregnancy is different.

Vote YES to allow a woman to make important decisions about her own life and family.

Voting NO means interfering with a woman’s personal and private decisions about her life and family.

Why medical doctors vote Yes

The 8th Amendment means that abortion is illegal in Ireland even where the pregnancy places a woman’s health at serious risk, in cases of rape or incest, or where the foetus is likely to die before or shortly after birth.

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The referendum will ask us if we want to remove the 8th Amendment from the Constitution by approving the 36th Amendment.

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This referendum is not about whether we want abortion in Ireland. It is already a reality here. It is about regulating abortion, making it safe and care for women who need it.

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The 8th Amendment had a direct impact on women’s health and lives. It was a contributing factor in the death of Savita Halappanavar who died in hospital in 2012.

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Regulated abortion available up until 12 weeks will provide for necessary and compassionate care for a woman who has a crisis pregnancy, such as a woman made pregnant as the result of rape.

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Accessing to abortion pills from online providers is increasing rapidly. This is a public health issue that we cannot ignore.

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If we vote Yes, we will be able to change our laws so that we can provide care in Ireland for women in Ireland.

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