FAQ on our funding

In Together for Yes we want to be as transparent and clear about the funding for our campaign as possible. This is why we have put together this FAQ on funding.

Is taxpayers’ money being used to fund the Together for Yes campaign?

Together for Yes is entirely funded through the donations of Irish citizens and people living in Ireland, along with donations from registered corporate donors. TFY will not be in receipt of any Government funding.

How much funding has Together for Yes got towards campaigning in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment?

We are in the process of raising funds for the campaign. As of 6 June we have raised 1.64 million Euros. We will be providing regular updates on this website on our fundraising targets.

How are you going to raise it?

We will be entirely dependent on the generosity of the public. We will be using a combination of fundraising methods such as online fundraising initiatives, targeted individual events and personal donations.  We will be asking supporters and groups connected to the campaign to host or support events; to give a donation directly or through their company and to support us on social media and with online requests. Fundraising will take place through the media and on the ground throughout the country.

Are you registered with SIPO?

Together for Yes will be fully compliant with SIPO standards. Our fundraising team will provide support and information for supporters assisting us with raising the much needed funds. We will provide support and information to ensure compliance with SIPO with any fundraising activities and be on hand to answer any questions supporters might have.

What sources of funding does TFY campaign have?

We started fundraising for TFY on March 19th, and since that time we have received donations from Irish citizens and people resident on the island of Ireland. We expect to we will continue to receive donations from Irish citizens and residents, as well as from organisations based in Ireland.

Your campaign is led by three organisations. How much of their own money will each organisation spend on the campaign?

Together for Yes will be led by Orla O’Connor, Ailbhe Smyth and Grainne Griffin based on their individual expertise. However, no funds from the three leading organisations will be transferred to Together for Yes. Funding currently held by the three organisations for political purposes will be used in accordance with their organisations’ individual campaign plans.

Read more about campaign funding of the individual organisations:

I’m confused about the issue of funding used for political purposes in the campaign. Can you explain?

The Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) provides guidelines for organisations working on referendums.

There are limits to the amounts an individual and organisation can donate for political purposes in Ireland. If Together for Yes receives any donation from an individual above €100, we will record their name and address. The limit for an individual’s donations is €2,500.

Organisations and groups based in Ireland may donate to the the campaign. The following conditions apply: Any organisation that wishes to donate over €200 to the campaign must be registered with SIPO as a Corporate Donor. Additionally, any organisation can only donate up to a maximum of €2,500.

Will Together for Yes accept donations from abroad?

We will accept donations from Irish citizens who live outside of Ireland, in line with SIPO guidelines. No other funds from abroad will be accepted.

How will you spend your money?

Together for Yes will spend funds raised on important elements of our campaign, including leaflets, posters, events, training for our campaigners, merchandise, advertising and more. We rely heavily on volunteers supporting our campaign.

If you have any more specific questions, please get in contact with us at: fundraising@togetherforyes.ie

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