Doctors tell us why they are voting Yes

Hear doctors tell you, in their own words, why they will be voting Yes on May 25th. We need a Yes vote to allow doctors to treat women whose health is put at risk in pregnancy.

Dr Mark Murphy is an Academic General Practitioner in Dublin, a Lecturer in General Practice in RCSI and a Medical Spokesperson for the Together for Yes campaign.

Dr. Peter Boylan is one of Ireland’s most well known and respected medical professionals, with a career spanning four decades – as a consultant obstetrician, gynaecologist, and Master of the National Maternity Hospital.

Dr. Agnes Jonsson, Specialist registrar in General Medicine

Dr Ross Kelly, General Practitioner

Dr Rhona Mahony, Master of the National Maternity Hospital

Professor Veronica O’Keane, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pyschiatry , Consultant Psychiatrist

Professor Mary Higgins, Consultant Obstetrician and specialist in high-risk maternal medicine at Holles Street

Dr. Meave Eogan, Consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology. Medical Director of Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU).

Dr. Jennifer Donnelly, Consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology. Maternal fetal medicine specialist.

Almost 200 doctors from Cork have signed the petition below. The Cork Doctors For Yes group is made up of medics from various specialties, including general practice, obstetrics, psychiatry and public health, and they have outlined their reasons for calling for a ‘yes’ vote on May 25.

1,642 doctors have signed our petition calling for change, so that they can provide safer, more compassionate healthcare for patients in Ireland. Of those, 1,532 are actively working in Ireland.

Name + Title Specialty IMC Number
Dr Jennifer Donnelly Obstetrics & Gynaecology 21012
Dr Mary Favier General Practice 11193
Prof Peter Boylan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1350
Dr Mark Murphy General Practice 248584
Prof Veronica O’Keane Psychiatry 10074
Dr Aisling Ní Shúilleabháin General Practice 23867
Dr Marion Dyer General Practice 9694
Dr Caroline McCarthy General Practice 358680
Dr Agnes Jonsson General Practice 408453
Dr Michelle Morris General Practice 358226
Dr Emer Byrne 403984
Prof Susan Smith General Practice 1514
Dr Jim McShane General Practice 11276
Dr Maeve White Medicine 420274
Dr Tiernan Murray General Practice 9976
Dr David Orr Surgery 11375
Prof Eugene Cassidy Psychiatry 16356
Dr Helen Keeley Psychiatry 14401
Prof Mark Little Medicine 17380
Prof Harry Kennedy Psychiatry 5923
Dr Eavan Muldoon Medicine 122986
Prof Tom Fahey General Practice 11192
Dr Cliona Ni Cheallaigh Medicine 183842
Dr Yolande Ferguson Psychiatry 16477
Dr Christine Kelly Medicine 416969
Dr Gabriela Sorin Psychiatry 232106
Dr Rosaleen Lannon Medicine 189675
Dr Maeve McCarthy General Practice 411640
Prof Deirdre Murphy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 13130
Dr Lucy Ann Behan Medicine 179097
Dr Aoife Murray 180259
Dr Sharon Beatty Medicine 220575
Dr Deirdre Murphy Medicine 417507
Dr Ruth Cullinane 410930
Dr Anne O’Leary Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417311
Dr Cillian Suiter Anaesthesia 408482
Dr Micheál Breen Radiology 276999
Dr Niamh Wynne 408704
Dr Helen O’Neill General Practice 12840
Dr Ana Rakovac Tisdall Medicine 62368
Dr Damien Ferguson 403047
Dr Eimear Treacy Medicine 417207
Dr Conor Doorley Medicine 420230
Dr Colm Byrne Medicine 362775
Dr Emma Dunne 417393
Dr Joseph Heskin Medicine 419188
Dr Eoghan Ryan Psychiatry 406318
Dr Eileen Maher Medicine 414350
Dr Ronan Sugrue Radiology 299044
Dr Connor Gallagher General Practice 299533
Dr Ann Brophy Paediatrics 411400
Dr Maeve Barry Anaesthesia 369591
Dr Lorraine Jennings Medicine 220837
Dr Patrick O’Donnell General Practice 272415
Dr Caroline Larkin Anaesthesia 220973
Dr David Cotter Psychiatry 11795
Dr Fionan Donohoe Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406104
Dr Isabelle Fallon General Practice 244873
Dr Coman Hennelly 406121
Dr Oisín Hannigan Medicine 406047
Dr Ciara Kehoe Medicine 420155
Dr Azharul Omar 298540
Dr Maitiu O’Tuathail General Practice 403075
Dr Caitlin Crowe Medicine 420331
Dr Neasa Conneally Medicine 420340
Dr Liz Gould 408830
Dr Niamh Scanlan General Practice 406103
Dr Brendan McDonnell Obstetrics & Gynaecology 400668
Dr Roisin Ryan 414612
Dr Meenakshi Ramphul Obstetrics & Gynaecology 295811
Dr Daniel Galvin Obstetrics & Gynaecology 410724
Dr Eoin Silke 417687
Dr Tadg Lehane General Practice 400303
Dr Ciara Carroll Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414987
Dr Änne Helps Obstetrics & Gynaecology 296462
Dr Jenny Stokes Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417341
Dr Catherine Finnegan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406542
Dr Breffini Anhlom 403561
Dr Ita Shanahan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 411469
Dr Claire O Reilly 409302
Dr Ciara Nolan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 411499
Dr Cliona Murphy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 17256
Dr Maria Farren Obstetrics & Gynaecology 299293
Dr Sean Denyer Public Health Medicine 23516
Dr Barry Singleton Anaesthesia 417362
Dr Conor O’Kelly General Practice 406161
Dr Niamh Murphy 400073
Dr Declan Sheerin Psychiatry 10161
Dr Tamara Kalisse Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406559
Dr Diarmaid Scully General Practice 331164
Dr Daniel Coffey General Practice 23604
Dr Aoibhinn Walsh Paediatrics 400294
Dr Hugh Ramsay Psychiatry 334962
Dr Mairead Cassidy General Practice 23209
Dr Roisin McConnell Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417338
Dr Ann O’ Reilly 417716
Dr Beth Gordon Paediatrics 411375
Dr Daniel O’Reilly Medicine 420394
Dr Siobhan Burrington 417350
Dr Teresa Treacy 408766
Dr Monica Tandon 154820
Dr Anna Durand O Connor Obstetrics & Gynaecology 277073
Dr Lauren O’Connell 411112
Dr Gillian Corbett 415000
Dr Matthew McKenna-Barry Medicine 415107
Dr David Brunker 417883
Dr Dr Horia Sandulean Obstetrics & Gynaecology 401934
Dr Cathy McNestry Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406580
Dr Mark O’Rahelly Paediatrics 415106
Dr Diarmuid Quinlan General Practice 15707
Dr Amaliya Morgan-Brown Obstetrics & Gynaecology 411007
Dr Peadar O’Grady Psychiatry 12604
Dr Robert McGarrigle Obstetrics & Gynaecology 403507
Dr Louise Cunningham Medicine 355031
Dr Brian O’Dioluin Medicine 420963
Dr Siobhan McCarthy Medicine 403462
Dr Grace Kenny Medicine 415082
Dr Gabriel Beecham Anaesthesia 409304
Dr Claire McCarthy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 403169
Dr Shauna Golden Medicine 420215
Dr Mark Bolger Radiology 415091
Dr Megan Gilcreest Other 417501
Dr Johnny Walsh 420446
Dr Siobhán Neville 402971
Dr Maura Duggan Psychiatry 14377
Dr Sorca O Brien 404995
Dr Isabelle Hunt 417521
Dr Maria Tomkins 415086
Dr Rebecca Hellen 400304
Dr Jennifer Gilmore Radiation Oncology 60564
Dr Aleksandra Sobota 416093
Dr Cian Dolan 417662
Dr Aoife McEvoy 420097
Dr Eileen Sweeney 403085
Dr Eoin Dunphy General Practice 299351
Dr Lisa Kelly 420685
Dr Keelin O’Donoghue Obstetrics & Gynaecology 19178
Dr Siobhan Hinchy 403037
Prof Mary Higgins Obstetrics & Gynaecology 23919
Dr Davor Zibar 410539
Dr Maebh Horan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406277
Dr Ailene O’Hehir 328799
Dr Laura Casey 414234
Dr Micheline Mccarthy General Practice 304571
Mr Barry Quill Surgery 247717
Dr Muireann Leonard General Practice 297057
Dr John McManus 414869
Dr David Menzies Emergency Medicine 124666
Dr Sarah Petch 414562
Ms Éilís Fitzgerald Surgery 60611
Dr Ken Harte General Practice 19067
Dr Amy Morgan General Practice 326020
Dr John O’Farrell 420236
Dr Ciara Keating 60031
Dr Grainne Butler 329099
Dr Lucy Kelly General Practice 269391
Dr James Lee Paediatrics 408791
Dr Aoife Ronayne Medicine 270644
Dr Alaa Baky 420055
Dr Louise Curtis 420192
Dr Joseph Kelly 420371
Dr Gavin O’Toole 420248
Dr Lisa Connellan 409297
Dr Laura Murphy 409323
Dr Joseph Marry General Practice 57122
Dr Rebecca Conlan-Trant 417111
Dr Lisa Jordan 417810
Dr Karen Given General Practice 244997
Dr Brigid Halley General Practice 331299
Dr Éanna Ryan 411377
Dr Tiarnán Byrne 420695
Dr Christelle Oliver-Dussault General Practice 406232
Dr Catherine Windrim 415013
Dr Shannon Cleary 414152
Dr Jane O Connor Psychiatry 328766
Dr Eimear Gilhooley 406283
Dr Claire McCarthy General Practice 222175
Dr Naomi Smith Medicine 415009
Dr Liz Barry General Practice 222233
Dr Caroline Ahearne Paediatrics 400198
Dr Frances O’Mahony 411255
Ms Eva Browne Surgery 410814
Dr Niamh Joyce Obstetrics & Gynaecology 400467
Dr Emma Mooney General Practice 247591
Dr Hilary Hurley Surgery 123753
Dr John Ryan 415023
Dr Sarah O’Shaughnessy General Practice 304457
Dr Mei Yee Ng 409555
Dr Louise Rabbitt 406429
Dr Michael Durand Radiology 402917
Dr Trish Horgan General Practice 20088
Dr Eibhlín Healy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406653
Dr Venita Broderick Obstetrics & Gynaecology 73348
Dr Aoife Morris Obstetrics & Gynaecology 400607
Dr Lucy Hurley General Practice 360299
Dr Cillian Clancy General Practice 246962
Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon General Practice 23707
Dr Niamh Keating Obstetrics & Gynaecology 400633
Dr Kushal Chummun Obstetrics & Gynaecology 226171
Dr Sadhbh Ní Lionáird General Practice 308408
Dr Caroline Herron 334020
Dr Roisin O’Connor Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 403121
Dr Irina Berkun Emergency Medicine 179122
Dr Annette Neary Medicine 341695
Dr Máire bourke 418027
Mr Seán Maguire 411250
Dr Namreen Mansoor 408291
Dr Victoria Malone 406332
Dr Simon Neary 414627
Dr Lucy Moran Psychiatry 403466
Dr Brenda Moran General Practice 277471
Dr Niall Breen General Practice 299179
Dr Clare O’Connell Surgery 414675
Dr Eimer O’Malley 403032
Dr Ciara Nolan General Practice 182644
Dr Laura Fennelly Medicine 414098
Dr Amy O’Brien 417714
Dr Darko Skrobo 411524
Dr Suzanne Smyth General Practice 414224
Dr Robert Craig 417294
Dr Dawn Baynes 417200
Dr Fiona Kiernan Anaesthesia 248255
Dr Éimhín Ansbro General Practice 222835
Dr Eimear Pilkington Medicine 415014
Dr Ellen Mc Mahon Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414374
Dr Anna McHugh General Practice 408966
Dr Aine Murphy General Practice 12986
Dr Clíodhna Browne Surgery 371177
Dr Eimer McCarthy General Practice 20323
Dr Mike Thompson General Practice 22390
Dr Liza McLornan Surgery 20329
Dr Tatiana Nuzum 417559
Dr Holly bennett 417930
Dr Cliona Small 408975
Dr Nancy O’Hanrahan 411599
Dr Shaunna Kelly 417356
Ms Isobel O’Riordan 411348
Dr Madeleine Ní dgalaigh General Practice 20392
Dr Rita Condren Psychiatry 11805
Dr Eimear Gibbons 414429
Dr Eamon Mullen 414943
Dr Sara Quigley 417863
Dr Carmel Kennedy 410849
Dr Zara Fonseca-Kelly 271535
Dr Edel McGinnity General Practice 9931
Dr Dearbhla Doherty Medicine 410876
Dr Catherine Duane Medicine 420716
Dr Roisin McManus 410795
Dr Philip James Medicine 414898
Dr Kate Murran Medicine 406396
Dr Siobhan McGrane Radiology 23860
Dr Clare McManus General Practice 20359
Dr Deirdre Muller Neff Psychiatry 277404
Dr Shona Keogh Medicine 420359
Dr Fiachra Maher Medicine 420191
Dr Emmett Browne 410729
Dr Sinéad Feeney General Practice 247433
Dr Eavan Quinn Medicine 417781
Dr Cliona Ryan Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 247853
Dr Eva O’Reilly Surgery 410973
Dr Laura Bailey Medicine 415079
Dr Myriam Mangan 11302
Ms Aisling Looney Surgery 363837
Dr Rustom Manecksha Surgery 23820
Dr Eva Corcoran Anaesthesia 410308
Dr Caoimhe Delaney 410975
Dr Síne Phelan Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 59880
Dr Usman Haroon Surgery 403549
Dr Sinead Noonan 123377
Prof Fionnuala Ní Áinle Medicine 23679
Dr Emma Jane Mc Govern 411018
Dr Siofra Hearne Medicine 417192
Dr Vanessa Flack Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417575
Dr Christine Shilling Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 222448
Dr Aoife Brennan Anaesthesia 408884
Dr Sorcha O’Meara 414994
Dr Caroline Smyth Anaesthesia 411626
Dr Aislinn Sherwin Anaesthesia 406518
Dr Mark O’Connor General Practice 409355
Dr Niamh O’Brien General Practice 138671
Dr William Gerard Anderson 414405
Dr Rachel Keogh 417719
Dr Claire Barry General Practice 400216
Dr Craig Delavari Anaesthesia 403053
Dr Sandra Green Medicine 414369
Dr Lorna Murphy Anaesthesia 328711
Dr Hannah Linane Medicine 408582
Dr Steve Karagiannis General Practice 179564
Dr Jane A McGauran Medicine 409312
Prof Alan Irvine Medicine 115037
Dr Brian Kennedy General Practice 126722
Dr Ciarán Ó Riain Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 23798
Dr Charles Gillham Radiation Oncology 153928
Dr Susan Kennelly General Practice 181128
Dr Alison DeMaio Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406209
Dr Sandra Whelan General Practice 21200
Dr Sarah Mitchell General Practice 21046
Dr Sumi Dunne General Practice 23439
Dr Vasudha Lakhera General Practice 198180
Prof Tom O’Dowd General Practice 18126
Dr Mendinaro Imcha Obstetrics & Gynaecology 23551
Dr Keith Perdue General Practice 11381
Dr Maeve Byrne General Practice 404632
Dr Fiona Ryan Public Health Medicine 2218
Dr Ann-Marie Crowe Anaesthesia 408879
Dr Angela O’Donoghue General Practice 125035
Dr Caoimhe Howard Paediatrics 402893
Dr Tomas Mc Guinness General Practice 354811
Dr Ailish Bohane 21453
Dr Ciara McCarthy 330308
Dr Roisin Mc Cafferty Psychiatry 411371
Dr Paraic Behan Medicine 420377
Dr Joan Maguire 23646
Dr Sarah Hough Anaesthesia 415915
Prof Mary Cannon Psychiatry 12327
Dr Ross Kelly General Practice 400321
Dr Brian O’Mahony General Practice 2133
Dr Pierce Geoghegan 357960
Dr Roisin O’Loughlin 306091
Dr Clodagh Keenan General Practice 248164
Dr Ciara McDonagh 420095
Dr Helen O’Brie Medicine 414222
Dr Ann O’Donoghue Medicine 414941
Dr David Ryan Medicine 415056
Dr Ciara McCourt 20381
Dr Kevin Kidney General Practice 372024
Dr Anna Beug General Practice 20998
Dr Madeleine McCarthy General Practice 9910
Dr Niall Feeney General Practice 403042
Dr Aoife Broderick General Practice 406122
Dr Mary Short General Practice 8917
Dr Rory Stewart General Practice 406279
Dr Katie Flinn Paediatrics 414420
Dr Stephanie Curran Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 17622
Prof Patricia Kearney Other 22351
Dr Caitriona Tiernan General Practice 406422
Dr Alan Kelly Medicine 407799
Dr Deirdre Manton General Practice 60213
Dr Mary Cooper General Practice 227062
Dr Jennie Harpur General Practice 408831
Dr Jim Collier General Practice 326019
Dr Aoife Wrynn General Practice 402904
Dr Brian Craven Medicine 406034
Dr Olivia Murphy General Practice 408785
Dr Evelyn lynn General Practice 400736
Dr Katie Maher General Practice 408633
Dr Elizabeth McCarron General Practice 403450
Dr John Keenan General Practice 5920
Dr Kandan Loganathan General Practice 181413
Dr Charlie Cox General Practice 366668
Dr Emma Wallace General Practice 227766
Dr Samantha Davis General Practice 414536
Dr Kathryn Hunter Radiology 408699
Dr Elizabeth O’Sullivan Medicine 420355
Dr Deirdre Kavanagh Medicine 420389
Dr Fiona Aherne Other 420837
Dr Síle Murphy General Practice 413923
Dr Roisin Mcdaid Psychiatry 414964
Dr Aine McCarthy Anaesthesia 411347
Dr Niamh Kiernan McConnell General Practice 414391
Dr Eadaoin Ni Sheaghdha General Practice 358726
Dr Lydia Healy Paediatrics 410808
Dr Nick Breen General Practice 1543
Dr Aodhnait O’Neill General Practice 403385
Dr Kieran Coleman General Practice 403291
Dr Scheryll Alken Other 333231
Dr Gillian McCutcheon General Practice 6472
Dr Mike Scully Psychiatry 15711
Dr Sinead Faughnan Emergency Medicine 271159
Dr Megan Greally Medicine 327808
Dr Martin Coyne General Practice 487
Dr Hugh O’Sullivan General Practice 414400
Dr Kevin Neylon General Practice 272302
Dr Fionnuala Mone Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409414
Dr Ross Doyle Medicine 403190
Dr Emmet Power Psychiatry 414483
Dr Gavin Keane General Practice 411563
Dr Roisin MacDermott Surgery 411093
Dr Sarah O’Loughlin Paediatrics 414302
Dr Adrienne Heerey General Practice 402978
Dr Sinead Farrell Anaesthesia 408632
Dr Shane Brennan Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 408899
Dr Molly Bredin Psychiatry 408495
Dr Eanna Mac Suibhne Emergency Medicine 408647
Dr Aoife Ni Shearcaigh Emergency Medicine 409183
Dr Denise monahan General Practice 417896
Dr Alison Greene Ophthalmology 417094
Dr Serhiy Semenov Medicine 410994
Dr Eamonn Fitzgerald Surgery 411825
Dr Mary Buckley Medicine 400134
Dr Mark McClean General Practice 248539
Dr Kate O’Hare Anaesthesia 371655
Dr Sean O’Sullivan Surgery 417381
Dr Eoin Somers Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417266
Dr David Robinson Medicine 19959
Dr Lucy Geraghty Paediatrics 410747
Dr Roisin Egan Paediatrics 414294
Dr Gregory Mellotte Medicine 410826
Dr Marese Murphy General Practice 358420
Prof Richard Greene Obstetrics & Gynaecology 15421
Dr Jennifer Geraghty Paediatrics 417726
Dr Paul Van Dessel General Practice 126108
Dr Orna Grant Anaesthesia 410804
Dr Fiachra Lambe Psychiatry 410992
Dr Michael Fitzgerald Paediatrics 407678
Dr Ian McClelland Psychiatry 368359
Dr Tony Feeney General Practice 4469
Dr Ailíse Loftus General Practice 297068
Dr Seamus Mac Farland Paediatrics 406303
Dr Rona Hunt Psychiatry 417033
Dr Timothy Geraghty Medicine 420104
Dr Deborah Ryan General Practice 277631
Dr Brendan McCormack Psychiatry 6418
Dr Angela Canas-Martinez Surgery 411309
Dr Dario Melotti Medicine 415279
Dr Bridget Kiely General Practice 245435
Dr Fiona Barnes General Practice 408657
Dr Emma Travers General Practice 414170
Dr Clodagh Quinn General Practice 302131
Dr Lydia Man General Practice 406308
Dr Israa Elkashif Psychiatry 409240
Dr Vyanka Redenbaugh Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 411612
Dr Joanne Maher Psychiatry 408653
Dr Sinead McGlacken Byrne Paediatrics 406252
Dr Sinead O’Shaughnessy Anaesthesia 402876
Dr Karen O’Neill General Practice 400270
Dr Tom McIntyre Surgery 420420
Dr Ishwarya Balasubramanian Surgery 403438
Dr Caroline Williams General Practice 222528
Dr Eamon O’Ceallaigh Paediatrics 414526
Dr Eimear Blunnie Other 420592
Dr Richard Farrelly Psychiatry 357777
Dr Grainne Pinaqui General Practice 20240
Dr Daniel Mulligan Anaesthesia 417158
Dr Sophie van der Putten Paediatrics 414895
Dr Brid Shanahan General Practice 400284
Dr Charles Julienne Other 414996
Dr Rosanna O Keeffe General Practice 409086
Dr Liz O’Gorman General Practice 409131
Dr Noel Reilly Emergency Medicine 400711
Dr William P Blunnie Anaesthesia 2826
Dr Vasanthee Sundram Paediatrics 409395
Dr David Coyle Surgery 327455
Dr John Feeney Radiology 22632
Dr Sinéad Brannick Paediatrics 415012
Dr Margaret Creedon Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 408958
Dr Niall Conlon Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 255671
Dr Aoife McSweeney Obstetrics & Gynaecology 356671
Dr Tara Conlon General Practice 28
Dr Geraldine Murphy Radiation Oncology 409180
Dr Ray Scanlon Psychiatry 406083
Dr Meabh Keane General Practice 411502
Dr Niall Tierney Anaesthesia 408648
Dr Peter O’Connor Anaesthesia 417062
Dr Brianan McGovern Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 245071
Dr Sara Hayes Radiology 246644
Dr Audrey Reynolds Medicine 414255
Dr Louise Hendrick Public Health Medicine 406060
Dr Margaret Kennelly Medicine 408827
Dr Sinead Finnegan Other 421107
Dr Marie Lynch Psychiatry 408545
Dr Ciara Drumm Other 414265
Dr Edward Naughten General Practice 363086
Dr Mary Behan General Practice 20149
Dr Martin Daly General Practice 11750
Dr Edyta Truszkowska Psychiatry 324362
Dr Clare O’Connor Obstetrics & Gynaecology 298846
Dr Aine Duggan Psychiatry 420920
Dr Jennifer Haugh Anaesthesia 417681
Dr Ruadhan O Laoi Surgery 421001
Dr Rebecca Headon Surgery 414304
Dr Aishling Cadogan Paediatrics 411042
Dr Caroline Fox Paediatrics 406115
Dr Audrey Rice Medicine 410963
Dr Deirdre Kelly General Practice 410745
Dr James Nolan Medicine 402935
Dr Fiadhnait Carroll General Practice 333913
Dr Colin Davenport Medicine 251299
Dr Roisin Pollock Medicine 420107
Dr Rebecca Marshall Anaesthesia 406216
Dr Isabel Moore Other 420128
Dr Ciara Joyce General Practice 248131
Dr Uwe Hild General Practice 12805
Dr Catherine McShane Medicine 411344
Dr Sarah Callaghan General Practice 148282
Dr Anna Stanzelova Paediatrics 403248
Dr Julie Cadden Medicine 414639
Dr Orla Donohoe Medicine 420445
Dr Alex Owens Medicine 420208
Dr Ronan Sharkey General Practice 406247
Dr Eamonn Faller Medicine 406243
Dr Bríd Galvin General Practice 409134
Dr Kevin Millar Medicine 414681
Dr Suzanne McDonnell Surgery 420645
Dr Caroline Walsh Obstetrics & Gynaecology 248039
Dr Shannon Halpin Other 420183
Dr Ailbhe McGrath Paediatrics 408543
Dr Lorna Wilson Psychiatry 245844
Dr Amelia O’Keeffe Medicine 420170
Mr Peter Staunton Surgery 409238
Dr Caitriona Logan Radiology 403115
Dr Siobhan McIntyre General Practice 328584
Dr Anna Ryan General Practice 403415
Dr Louise Hickey General Practice 403533
Dr Ann-Marie Hayes Paediatrics 406375
Dr John Davis Coakley Anaesthesia 247046
Dr Saroj Kumari Obstetrics & Gynaecology 309537
Dr Rob Durcan Medicine 414619
Dr Caoimhe McDonnell Medicine 415089
Dr Michael Keane General Practice 411177
Dr Laura Mangan Psychiatry 420636
Dr Douglas Mulholland Radiology 400232
Dr Ciara Egan Medicine 403218
Dr Caoimhe Duffy Anaesthesia 402924
Dr Ann Foran Radiology 408572
Dr Caoimhe Brennan Medicine 414172
Dr Niamh Crotty General Practice 408576
Dr Sandra Hembrecht Surgery 420105
Dr Kevin Hore Anaesthesia 408449
Dr Siobhan Ni Bhriain Psychiatry 15579
Dr Deirdre Foley Paediatrics 408460
Dr Cathal O’Connor Paediatrics 409265
Dr Mary Costigan General Practice 410866
Dr Nikita Deegan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 402962
Dr Recie Davern Medicine 409107
Dr Brian Cunningham Medicine 406400
Dr Muireann O’Shea General Practice 411597
Dr Siobhan Murnaghan Paediatrics 2022
Dr Tim Ryan Medicine 411039
Dr Anna Sheane General Practice 402881
Dr Grainne Courtney Medicine 1467
Dr Karolina Warciak Paediatrics 417715
Dr Tara Geraghty General Practice 408455
Dr Charles Goh 227255
Dr Jennifer Carron Medicine 414414
Dr Louise Fitzgerald General Practice 371666
Dr Ciara Killalea Anaesthesia 420410
Dr Helaine McIntyre Medicine 417755
Dr Daragh O’Neill General Practice 18620
Dr Annabelle Piquet Paediatrics 417461
Dr Anitha Sokay Paediatrics 412038
Dr Christopher Cronin Medicine 414237
Dr Paul O’Carroll General Practice 752
Dr Joan Lennon Obstetrics & Gynaecology 408861
Dr Fiona Mulcahy Other 7328
Dr Mohammed Hamza Emergency Medicine 414115
Dr Anthony McCarthy Psychiatry 6455
Dr Molly Walsh Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414648
Dr Sarah Lobban General Practice 418451
Dr Ksenia Davenport Medicine 405658
Dr Avril Cogan General Practice 270393
Dr Brenda Murnane General Practice 7209
Dr Niamh Reidy Medicine 411033
Dr Michael Conroy Medicine 408531
Dr Daniel Angelov Medicine 410825
Dr Anna Feeney Psychiatry 406397
Dr Jessica Maguire Medicine 420204
Dr Eileen Ryan Other 406621
Dr Josen Mc Grane Psychiatry 400214
Dr Kareem Zaki General Practice 400750
Dr Karla Les Other 46404
Dr Ellen Newman Other 420438
Dr Louise O’Keeffe General Practice 327091
Dr Kate O’Halloran Paediatrics 411490
Dr Lynton Wilkinson General Practice 242013
Dr Gerard Hooke General Practice 241188
Dr Aoibheann Flynn Medicine 402875
Dr Deirdre Graham Radiology 400282
Dr Anne Gillan General Practice 4869
Dr Des Crowley 14376
Dr Thomas Cross General Practice 362899
Dr Nathalie Doolan Surgery 417479
Dr Niamh Collins Ophthalmology 222960
Dr Miriam Wynne Emergency Medicine 414273
Dr Pauline Gallagher General Practice 9761
Dr Sophie Faherty General Practice 20885
Dr Aoife Lyons General Practice 227380
Dr Conor Fahy Medicine 414507
Dr Aoife Freyne Obstetrics & Gynaecology 251448
Dr Seamus Duffy General Practice 251346
Dr Saloni Surah Other 339860
Dr Sarah Halpenny General Practice 403142
Dr Nuala Caffrey General Practice 121437
Dr Ainsley Bloch General Practice 414364
Dr John Gilbert General Practice 18719
Dr Rodney Regan General Practice 10130
Dr Ross O’Shea Surgery 409195
Dr Jane O’Herlihy General Practice 189459
Dr Ciara Tighe General Practice 410990
Dr Karen Whelan Psychiatry 372182
Dr Sarah Ruttledge Medicine 417772
Dr Kate Rose General Practice 410744
Dr Monica Mittal Surgery 416219
Dr Alison McHugh Surgery 417414
Dr Caoimhe Murray Emergency Medicine 415090
Dr Lauren O’Callaghan Anaesthesia 417720
Dr Aoife Fox Emergency Medicine 415096
Dr Carly Flynn General Practice 403233
Prof Maeve Mahon-Ferriter Psychiatry 22745
Dr Anne Collins Surgery 227051
Dr Aidan O’ Dowling Radiation Oncology 420527
Dr Jack Roberts Medicine 420075
Dr Cathy Burke Obstetrics & Gynaecology 19364
Dr Rachel  Wallace Psychiatry 410892
Dr Eamonn Moloney Psychiatry 725
Dr Aileen McKenna General Practice 19227
Dr Terri McVeigh Other 354844
Dr Anne Doolan Paediatrics 123333
Dr John Maher General Practice 408835
Dr Muriel Sadlier Other 303862
Dr Paul Stewart General Practice 9030
Dr Riaz Moola Medicine 371462
Dr Hugh Logan 6228
Dr Aine Heaney Surgery 420239
Ms Mary Connolly Surgery 403454
Dr Karthika Srikumar Surgery 420176
Dr Fionnuala Kennedy Surgery 420255
Dr Niamh Ní Leathlobhair Medicine 420290
Dr Ellen Beirne Medicine 420280
Dr Kate Somers 420256
Dr Lauren Siggins Medicine 420180
Dr Julie Martin-Grace Medicine 406345
Dr Orla Batt General Practice 11100
Dr Mary Joyce General Practice 414377
Dr Conor Moran Medicine 408729
Dr Orla Cullivan 420626
Dr Fiona Fenton Psychiatry 13190
Dr Aoife Ni Sheaghdha General Practice 245833
Dr Elizabeth Barrett Psychiatry 126017
Dr Mary Gray General Practice 5051
Dr Siobhán O’Kelly General Practice 190871
Dr Dolores Liddy General Practice 58886
Dr Mark O’Kelly General Practice 400262
Dr Sheila Rochford General Practice 815
Dr Michelle Madden Medicine 414269
Dr Eugene Swaine General Practice 9068
Dr Emma Harrington General Practice 244748
Dr Roisin Heaney Radiology 406465
Dr Lucy Bolger Other 420213
Dr Zahrah Elsafty Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406469
Dr Ciara McDonnell Paediatrics 21036
Dr Rita Galimberti Obstetrics & Gynaecology 18976
Dr Catherine Mullan General Practice 15447
Dr Gabriel Fitzpatrick Public Health Medicine 244919
Dr Niamh McCarthy Psychiatry 362673
Dr Lucy Power Medicine 417409
Dr Sheila Catherine Lynn Medicine 411488
Dr Sarah Maguire General Practice 125080
Dr Anthony O’Connor Medicine 222608
Dr Hannah Hughes Surgery 420458
Dr Joanna Peart General Practice 414857
Dr Brian Doyle Medicine 414874
Dr Ralph Hurley O’Dwyer Medicine 420218
Dr John O Riordan General Practice 16277
Dr Katherine Whately General Practice 227788
Dr Dominic Rowley Other 57780
Dr Ronan Kavanagh Medicine 13060
Dr Knut Moe General Practice 400591
Dr Caitlin O’Leary Psychiatry 410908
Dr Gabrielle Chhoa General Practice 100168
Dr Farah Mydin General Practice 330728
Dr Rajesh Rajpal General Practice 21276
Dr Katie McElroy General Practice 371199
Dr Suzanne Kelly General Practice 124202
Dr Rory Gallen Medicine 415008
Dr Paul Kelly Radiation Oncology 124235
Dr Catherine Diskin Paediatrics 355086
Dr Mireille Sweeney General Practice 12874
Dr Niamh Irving General Practice 406282
Dr Selena Pillay Psychiatry 60268
Dr Roger McMorrow Anaesthesia 192006
Dr Noelle Breslin Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406456
Dr Alana Lawlor General Practice 409257
Dr Robbie Murphy Medicine 411495
Dr Elizabeth Gannon Medicine 411585
Dr Robert Brennan Medicine 414477
Dr Jemma Buchalter Medicine 420343
Dr John Holland Medicine 414352
Dr Liam Cody Medicine 414962
Dr Anita Krakar Medicine 407566
Dr Maggie O’Brien Obstetrics & Gynaecology 420258
Dr Laura Frances Hughes General Practice 420780
Dr Naomi Keenan Medicine 420150
Dr Cathal Ahern Medicine 420031
Dr Claire Buckley Public Health Medicine 182008
Dr Hannah Gibson General Practice 422623
Dr Emer Kidney Emergency Medicine 372160
Dr Lara Dungan Medicine 420662
Dr Maurice Clancy Psychiatry 246359
Dr Elaine Walsh General Practice 121766
Dr Maureen Boyd General Practice 2875
Dr Aisling O’Neill General Practice 411471
Dr Elaine Byrne General Practice 244420
Dr Sarah Hoolahan Emergency Medicine 420165
Dr Noirin Russell Obstetrics & Gynaecology 23716
Dr Paul Ryan General Practice 405997
Prof Louise Kenny Obstetrics & Gynaecology 259019
Dr Sheenagh MacNamara General Practice 126051
Dr Anna Maria Meaney Psychiatry 19235
Dr Sinead Howley General Practice 406467
Dr Anne Marie O’Flynn Medicine 182688
Dr Patrick Kirwan Psychiatry 363779
Dr Emma Kenefick General Practice 23724
Dr Sinead McKenna General Practice 299442
Dr Una Barry General Practice 20057
Dr Irene Gorman Paediatrics 410828
Dr Susan O’Shea General Practice 126084
Dr Lee Peeperkorn Medicine 420307
Dr Zahra Legris Psychiatry 417185
Dr Darach Ó’Ciardha General Practice 23869
Dr Sucheta Johnso Obstetrics & Gynaecology 200717
Dr Janelle O Sullivan Medicine 417467
Dr Michaela Pentony Paediatrics 408878
Dr Navroop Johnson Psychiatry 191002
Dr Aoife Mullally Obstetrics & Gynaecology 23115
Dr Serena Condon Psychiatry 3527
Dr Padraic Kennedy Radiology 408698
Dr Julianne Reidy Psychiatry 23797
Dr Niall Cribben Anaesthesia 406126
Dr Aideen Coleman General Practice 246371
Dr Kimberly Kelly General Practice 417635
Dr Nicola Cochrane General Practice 17483
Dr Sarah McLean Other 245526
Dr Sharon Cooley Obstetrics & Gynaecology 21087
Dr Aifric O’Driscoll General Practice 58193
Dr Matthew Hewitt Obstetrics & Gynaecology 274424
Dr Susan van Baarsel Anaesthesia 420111
Dr Caitriona Hickey Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 246677
Dr Leah Flynn General Practice 222062
Dr Micheal Sheehan Emergency Medicine 414787
Dr Cilian O Maoldomhnaigh Paediatrics 272471
Dr Deborah White General Practice 272175
Dr Lisa Lavelle Medicine 420237
Dr Michael Creed Medicine 420960
Dr Niamh Moran General Practice 270122
Dr Christina Fleming Surgery 403283
Dr Ciara O’Connell General Practice 403512
Dr Mary O’Brien General Practice 23903
Dr Maria McCarthy General Practice 400186
Dr Diarmuid O’Briain Anaesthesia 272335
Mr Thomas Murphy Surgery 22365
Dr Melissa O’Neill General Practice 400087
Dr Ruth McCullough Medicine 408652
Dr Brian Moloney Radiology 406071
Dr Maura Linehan General Practice 356579
Ms Marguerite Carter Surgery 400222
Dr Joseph McAndrew Psychiatry 400210
Dr Aine O’Gara Anaesthesia 400358
Dr Brenda Murphy Surgery 406251
Dr Louise McKenna Medicine 406446
Dr Aoife Ni Dhuthaigh Occupational Medicine 243391
Dr Hannah Greene General Practice 406420
Dr Eva Dobos Paediatrics 401956
Dr Christina Campbell Medicine 408550
Dr Humera Samad 417066
Dr David Curley Emergency Medicine 411283
Dr Séamus Daly Anaesthesia 419133
Dr Emma Connolly Radiation Oncology 406393
Dr Shantanu pisharoty Medicine 414551
Dr Niamh Mehigan Medicine 417859
Dr Jennifer keane Psychiatry 409118
Dr Noelle O’Sullivan Medicine 330580
Dr Hailey Carroll Medicine 417754
Dr Deniz Demirdal Medicine 408715
Dr Anna Marie Naughton General Practice 22369
Dr Mona Abdelrahman Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409347
Dr Emma Tong Radiology 372137
Dr Mairead Phelan General Practice 409225
Dr Laura Heffernan Emergency Medicine 410823
Dr Naomi Quigley Anaesthesia 414362
Dr Barbara Giles Medicine 420999
Dr Sheena Fleming General Practice 327182
Dr Fiona Quinn General Practice 56991
Dr Caitriona O’Riordan General Practice 400090
Dr Lena Murphy General Practice 271875
Dr Laura Healy Medicine 269346
Dr Aimee McGreal-Bellone Medicine 414278
Dr Shane Power Anaesthesia 417065
Dr Rawan Abdelhaq Medicine 405999
Dr Daniel Poppleton Medicine 417464
Dr Ailín Rogers Surgery 299328
Dr Martha Finnegan Psychiatry 357788
Dr Emily Rutherford Surgery 417696
Dr Laoise Griffin General Practice 57144
Dr Corrina Mitchell General Practice 271579
Dr Solmaz Nakhjavani Anaesthesia 279195
Dr Shirley Potter Surgery 181742
Dr Caimin More Medicine 414876
Dr Fiona McGuire General Practice 183579
Dr Katie Shanahan Paediatrics 417481
Dr Mai Nguyen Emergency Medicine 406468
Dr Dorinda Mullen Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 406275
Dr Teresa Carey General Practice 360846
Dr Rukshan Goonewardena General Practice 401746
Ms Gemma Solon Surgery 270962
Dr Faisal Nasrullah Psychiatry 349608
Dr Sinead Lynch General Practice 245515
Dr Ian Kelleher Psychiatry 408812
Dr Murray Connolly Anaesthesia 410735
Dr Aoife Murphy General Practice 248595
Dr Emma Nelson General Practice 14509
Dr Aoife Kiernan Surgery 408811
Dr Siobhan Corcoran Obstetrics & Gynaecology 270531
Dr Nicola Maher Obstetrics & Gynaecology 293697
Dr Patrick Duffy Radiology 408525
Dr Sarah Cullivan Medicine 408452
Dr Nicholas Power Medicine 415036
Dr Brendan O’Shea General Practice 11401
Dr Padraig McGarry General Practice 6639
Mr Donal O’Connor Other 272391
Dr Emma Duignan Ophthalmology 403141
Dr Dermot Bowden Radiology 403158
Dr Laura Murphy Medicine 403025
Dr Eileen McMahon Medicine 408659
Dr Aileen McAuliffe Psychiatry 23753
Dr Adrianne Wyse Obstetrics & Gynaecology 420701
Dr Emer Shortall General Practice 327239
Dr Ruth Roseingrave Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417530
Dr Amanda Kaye General Practice 411295
Dr Sharon Holland Psychiatry 406098
Dr Laura Marshall Anaesthesia 328551
Dr Shane McCarthy General Practice 23781
Dr Sarah Sheehan General Practice 330671
Dr Lakshmi Parameswaran General Practice 400273
Dr Una O’Halloran General Practice 22272
Dr Margaret Gallagher Psychiatry 408636
Dr Jayne MacMahon Paediatrics 403024
Dr Ashling Walsh General Practice 403482
Dr Patrick Doyle Medicine 411619
Dr Kayte Gamble General Practice 414944
Dr Leanne Cussen Medicine 411496
Dr Emmeline Nugent Surgery 267440
Dr Melanie Cotter Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 17619
Dr Eanna Falvey Sports & Exercise Medicine 23752
Dr Emer Ryan Paediatrics 327422
Dr Nina Marshall Radiology 120659
Dr Rebecca Cole Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409044
Dr Caitriona Lee General Practice 414295
Dr Claire Buckley General Practice 409028
Dr Gráinne McHale Medicine 411526
Dr Elaine Kennedy Paediatrics 408845
Dr Mari Gleeson General Practice 411053
Dr Margaret McGloughlin General Practice 271626
Dr Joanne Lennon General Practice 409085
Dr Irene McDonnell General Practice 409201
Dr Farheen Aamir Obstetrics & Gynaecology 415889
Dr Aoife McCormack General Practice 358282
Dr Roisin McCarthy Psychiatry 302846
Dr Emer Ahern Medicine 20053
Dr Maeve Cummins General Practice 406069
Dr Giuseppe Alfonso Medicine 324986
Dr Ornaith Quinlan Psychiatry 16286
Dr Ann Marie Mongan Ophthalmology 295662
Dr Barry McCarthy Psychiatry 304559
Ms Niamh McCawley Surgery 227426
Dr James Dillon Medicine 420659
Dr Nuala O’Connor General Practice 11332
Dr Hilary Fallon Emergency Medicine 404633
Dr Peter McCarthy Medicine 405975
Dr Maria Conneely General Practice 414159
Dr Sarah Jayne Hassan General Practice 331302
Dr Eoin O’Currain Paediatrics 270257
Dr Ben Thistlewood Emergency Medicine 417206
Dr Mary Flanagan Paediatrics 406464
Dr Hilary O’Sullivan General Practice 411097
Dr Criona Walshe Anaesthesia 23751
Dr Amy Fogarty Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409001
Dr Neidin Bussmann Paediatrics 403225
Dr Dáire Kelly Surgery 414759
Dr Clare Kennedy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 408602
Dr Ailis Pollock Medicine 414754
Dr John Frizelle General Practice 405981
Dr Aisling Jennings General Practice 356466
Dr Andrew Barry General Practice 417063
Dr Claire Sharkey Paediatrics 417508
Dr Joseph Morrow Medicine 414634
Dr Stephen Hatton Medicine 420382
Dr Caoimhe Clarke Psychiatry 333004
Dr Mohammad Kashif Psychiatry 300268
Dr Mohamed Osman Psychiatry 171879
Dr David Burke Medicine 408395
Dr Aoife Cassidy Paediatrics 411065
Dr Einas Elhassan Medicine 147857
Dr Tara Murnane General Practice 19526
Dr Clare Stewart Medicine 420354
Dr Susan Keogh Paediatrics 414532
Dr Daire Nevin Maguire Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414897
Dr Hala Abu Obstetrics & Gynaecology 235175
Dr Nicholas Kruseman Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414563
Dr Emily O’Neill Medicine 408585
Dr Jack Murray Other 420038
Dr Caoimhe Basquille Medicine 420148
Dr Barry Noonan Medicine 420481
Dr Mairead Cahill General Practice 46
Dr Matthew Barrett Medicine 362662
Dr Laura O’Byrne Obstetrics & Gynaecology 406327
Dr Jim Gray Emergency Medicine 19926
Dr Maria Cotter Medicine 417581
Dr Lylas Aljohmani Surgery 408756
Dr Eileen Cahill Occupational Medicine 411963
Dr Kowshika Thavarajah Medicine 406880
Dr Carolyn Wallace General Practice 15715
Dr Bronwyn Power Paediatrics 411214
Dr Eoin Ryan General Practice 411987
Dr Tee Keat Teoh Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 409014
Dr David Sheehan General Practice 403150
Dr Michael Conall Dennedy Medicine 145246
Dr Etaoin Kent Obstetrics & Gynaecology 124995
Dr Kim Caulfield Anaesthesia 403013
Dr Amy Purcell General Practice 405992
Dr Sarah Campbell Obstetrics & Gynaecology 277028
Dr Laura Griseto Anaesthesia 411441
Dr John Gaffney Radiation Oncology 406087
Dr Tushar Utekar Obstetrics & Gynaecology 403947
Dr Caroline Mason Mohan Public Health Medicine 12862
Dr Emily Harrold Medicine 363611
Dr Catherine Mullen General Practice 24016
Dr Gavin Doherty Medicine 410869
Dr James Patrick Duncan Surgery 417160
Dr Stephen Crowther Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 67153
Dr Shane Hanratty Medicine 411052
Dr Triona Walshe Radiology 245662
Dr Mark Mc Cabe Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 417053
Dr Laura Murphy Radiology 400348
Dr Karine Ronan Other 420159
Dr Terence Rogers General Practice 8696
Dr Sarah Kelliher Medicine 420034
Dr Sorcha Mullen Emergency Medicine 420286
Dr Greta Scanlon Medicine 420504
Dr Laura Bond Psychiatry 409036
Dr Mu’adz Mohd Zubir Psychiatry 408810
Dr Emma O’Keeffe General Practice 270575
Dr Sue Faye Psychiatry 414103
Dr Rebecca Moore Obstetrics & Gynaecology 362924
Dr Michelle Brennan Medicine 405972
Dr Lisa McNamee Other 417212
Dr Claire McCarthy General Practice 358215
Dr Jean Lowry General Practice 414892
Dr Bronagh MacManus Emergency Medicine 420751
Dr Ken Courtenay Psychiatry 1465
Dr Richard McCormack Medicine 409279
Dr Maria Redahan Psychiatry 414123
Dr Tom Brennan Emergency Medicine 414591
Dr Orla O’Dwyer Medicine 414173
Dr Donough Howard Medicine 16486
Dr Tony Margiotta Public Health Medicine 11297
Dr Maria Cheung Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417017
Dr Iolanda Tiedt Psychiatry 411165
Dr Doireann O’Keeffe General Practice 125842
Dr Gillian Crowe Medicine 417855
Dr Eleanor Cronin Medicine 417260
Prof Patrick Plunkett Emergency Medicine 8449
Dr Finbar O’Shea Medicine 20401
Dr Laura Ryan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 420479
Dr Elaine McCarthy Medicine 411392
Dr Emma Groarke Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 402891
Mr John Duddy Other 330013
Dr Maeve Haran Psychiatry 411494
Dr Sieneke Hakvoort Other 15334
Dr Aoibheann McLoughlin Psychiatry 414948
Dr Sarah Casey Psychiatry 408466
Dr Sarah Phelan General Practice 408644
Dr Paul O’Hara General Practice 248448
Dr Thomas Kelly Emergency Medicine 17102
Dr Vida Hamilton Anaesthesia 19490
Dr Laura Mc Loughlin Surgery 414743
Dr Oonagh Hickey Anaesthesia 18192
Dr Kate Doyle Medicine 414275
Dr Suzanne Carter Medicine 360857
Dr Niamh Murphy General Practice 406629
Dr David Browne Psychiatry 19363
Dr Amy Keane Medicine 414490
Dr David Gibson General Practice 400267
Mr Mark Berney Surgery 411121
Dr Michael Culshaw Paediatrics 418470
Dr Anne Marie Hannon Medicine 400157
Dr Anna-Rose Prior Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 245946
Dr Kate Bielinski Psychiatry 19903
Dr Aisling Ryan Medicine 19313
Dr Emily O’Connor Obstetrics & Gynaecology 411511
Dr Kate Irvine Psychiatry 406125
Dr Rosemary Dineen Medicine 400184
Dr Noelle Enright Paediatrics 296791
Dr Hans Arce Obstetrics & Gynaecology 416782
Dr Johan Meurling Medicine 334133
Dr Domhnall McGlacken-Byrne Paediatrics 420613
Dr Catherine Rowland 411564
Dr Florencia Steinvarcel Obstetrics & Gynaecology 413689
Dr Hannah Smyth Medicine 408568
Dr Karen Dennehy Medicine 414480
Dr Naomi Burke Obstetrics & Gynaecology 266673
Dr Colm Kennelly General Practice 411101
Dr Michael Wall General Practice 404635
Dr Ellen Sweeney Medicine 420934
Dr Brian Murphy Anaesthesia 406212
Dr Stephen Creedon General Practice 411284
Dr Anusha Prem Kumar Medicine 402995
Dr Sarah Carty General Practice 23355
Mr James Clerkin Surgery 409071
Dr Shane Broderick Emergency Medicine 362720
Dr Alan Coss Medicine 22626
Dr Rose Kearsley Anaesthesia 330160
Dr Ruth Comber Medicine 414271
Dr Caroline Murphy General Practice 297240
Dr Dean Moore Medicine 411148
Dr Ciara Murphy Emergency Medicine 411522
Dr Philip Dowling General Practice 411276
Dr Caoimhe Cooney Psychiatry 247104
Dr Rachael Flood Medicine 408642
Dr Larkin Feeney Psychiatry 21015
Dr Rhona Mahony Obstetrics & Gynaecology 18413
Dr Ciara McKenna General Practice 371257
Dr Mary Randles General Practice 8622
Dr Cliona O’Donnell Medicine 408635
Dr Eilis Murphy General Practice 400074
Dr Aine Varley Medicine 414130
Dr Sophia Angelov Anaesthesia 414575
Dr Zaib un nisa Shafi Obstetrics & Gynaecology 87499
Dr Emma-May Curran Other 420427
Dr Susan Duffy General Practice 414615
Dr Úna Casey Anaesthesia 416474
Dr Márton Deli Anaesthesia 403337
Dr Paraic Meaney General Practice 277380
Mr Jonathan Coulter Surgery 414146
Dr Louise Fullam General Practice 246564
Dr Margaret Mc Loughlin Anaesthesia 414780
Dr Micheal Griffin General Practice 5026
Dr Meaghan Cotter Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 23863
Dr Ashley McCall General Practice 414354
Dr Ronan Mullan Medicine 75404
Dr Claire Higgins General Practice 355417
Dr Lynda McSorley Medicine 361293
Dr Adriana Hadbavna Anaesthesia 305155
Dr Owen Thorpe Medicine 417902
Dr Michael Boyle Paediatrics 226659
Dr Marion Murphy Medicine 417039
Dr Aisling Geoghegan Paediatrics 371780
Dr Suzanne Donnelly Medicine 614
Dr Nora Skrabanek Public Health Medicine 223760
Dr Nicola Ryan Medicine 334995
Dr Michelle Casey Medicine 408776
Dr Miriam Doyle Surgery 268568
Prof Orla Hardiman Medicine 150
Dr Ciara Hennessy Medicine 420472
Dr Liam Power General Practice 411043
Dr Liam Twomey General Practice 17408
Dr Clare Cooney General Practice 411048
Dr Judith Gilmore General Practice 411017
Dr Karen McNamara Obstetrics & Gynaecology 299248
Dr Melissa Gill Psychiatry 244953
Dr Mark Farquhar Psychiatry 411748
Dr Magid Ahmed Psychiatry 416158
Dr Siobhán Connor Paediatrics 333333
Dr Pádraig Bambrick Medicine 400542
Dr Aoife O’Hanrahan General Practice 408613
Dr Suzanne Roche Medicine 411178
Dr Shauna O’Brien Medicine 420474
Dr Emma O’Doherty General Practice 328777
Dr Ruth Martin Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 297091
Dr Maeve McAllister Anaesthesia 408832
Dr Emily Pender Other 420149
Dr Martin Nolan General Practice 267439
Ms Cathleen O’Neill Surgery 410873
Dr Danielle O’Leary General Practice 303997
Dr Claire Broe Anaesthesia 403387
Dr Ian MagFhearraigh General Practice 334804
Dr Patrick Wiseman Anaesthesia 410806
Dr Caroline Hogan General Practice 20366
Dr Mark Mc Govern Psychiatry 414435
Dr James Jordan General Practice 415029
Dr Roisin Coary Medicine 371304
Dr Conor Skerritt Anaesthesia 372068
Dr Áine Jones General Practice 328426
Dr Clodagh Rushe 409156
Dr Gillian Maguire Paediatrics 410872
Ms Jessie Elliott Surgery 406290
Dr Sarah Lewis Paediatrics 403144
Dr Choi Lam Li Other 420070
Dr Niamh Barnwell Anaesthesia 406364
Dr Lynda Fenelon Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 4706
Dr Eoin McHugh Other 420085
Dr Niall Connolly Medicine 415111
Dr Mark Broe Surgery 406534
Dr Lorna Keenan Radiation Oncology 406532
Dr Tara Burke Psychiatry 417394
Dr Cliona O’Rorke General Practice 21272
Dr Michele Dillon General Practice 18184
Dr Clíodhna Ní Mhurchú Emergency Medicine 417875
Dr Barbara Bonar General Practice 59711
Dr Peter Hughes Radiology 329555
Dr Orna Ni Bhroin Surgery 414673
Dr Daniel Burke General Practice 3026
Dr Zainab Ashraf Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409798
Dr Geoffrey Ronan Medicine 417177
Dr Aoife Kathryn O’Callaghan Psychiatry 417297
Dr Deirdre Murphy General Practice 271853
Dr Ciara Lane Paediatrics 417674
Dr Ciaran Hurley Surgery 417384
Dr Rob McGrath Ophthalmology 417579
Dr Deirdre Lundy Other 11907
Dr Danielle James 417397
Dr Katie Beauchamp Obstetrics & Gynaecology 410868
Dr Naila Edwards Medicine 420964
Dr Shannen Conaghan Other 420470
Dr Una O’Neill General Practice 23684
Dr Conor Malone Ophthalmology 334871
Dr Casey Card Paediatrics 420506
Dr Andrew Crowe Medicine 408564
Dr Kirsten Joyce Anaesthesia 414166
Dr Caoimhe Ni Lonargain Psychiatry 420990
Dr Michelle Byrne General Practice 227028
Dr Maria Glennon Medicine 417608
Dr Mary Randles Medicine 409128
Dr Aisling Mc Donnell Obstetrics & Gynaecology 410733
Dr Fionnvola Armstrong Medicine 327524
Mr John Kelly Surgery 248200
Dr Aoife McFeely Medicine 414695
Dr Adam Roche Radiology 414596
Dr Catherine O’Neill General Practice 404996
Dr Mary McCloy Other 24223
Dr Helena Bartels Obstetrics & Gynaecology 411137
Dr Katie Ridge Medicine 414736
Dr Noel Howard General Practice 65304
Dr Mark Quinn Medicine 406261
Dr Justine Jordan General Practice 410108
Dr Lauren McBride Fields General Practice 414463
Dr Aoife Geoghegan Anaesthesia 400398
Dr Catherine King Medicine 414277
Dr Tara Rigney Obstetrics & Gynaecology 355939
Dr Niall Sheehy Radiology 21211
Dr Ameya Jagtap Medicine 403244
Dr Aoife Bourke Surgery 420548
Dr Maeve Montague Surgery 420245
Dr Rosemary Gillan General Practice 9753
Dr Eoin Kelleher Anaesthesia 411343
Dr Nina Byrnes General Practice 19905
Dr Aziemah Ali Psychiatry 410897
Dr Doireann O’Leary General Practice 403379
Dr Michael Crotty General Practice 486
Dr Gemma Tierney Surgery 417775
Dr Margaret Higgins Other 420123
Dr Sinead Murphy General Practice 22649
Dr Susan Prendeville 303920
Dr David Kinlen Paediatrics 400324
Dr Hishaam Saumtally 414232
Dr Gavin O’Reilly General Practice 371746
Dr Adam Hingum Surgery 417560
Dr Louise Kelly General Practice 410725
Dr Paul Donovan Medicine 420228
Dr Mark ruddy General Practice 371826
Dr Deirdre Hayes Ryan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 296893
Dr Miriam Walsh Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 19190
Dr Sinead O’Donnell Paediatrics 245877
Dr Aileen Faherty General Practice 180500
Dr Ruth Gilmore Medicine 22634
Dr Ronan O’Toole Medicine 363155
Dr Laura Quinlan Medicine 414491
Dr Fadi Salameh Obstetrics & Gynaecology 419367
Dr Oana Grigorie Obstetrics & Gynaecology 410710
Dr Ciara Gibbons Medicine 417503
Prof Donal Brennan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 190020
Dr Brid Wallace 400738
Dr Alex Dakin Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417423
Dr Nuala McNicholas Medicine 400224
Dr Siobhan Walsh Other 420950
Dr Julie MacNamara General Practice 272142
Dr Claire Cullen General Practice 414226
Dr Katie Cunningham Paediatrics 270597
Dr Violeta Kostadinova Psychiatry 405905
Dr Alice Moynihan Surgery 417842
Dr Michelle McCarthy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 414668
Dr Neasa O’Keeffe General Practice 328802
Dr Louise Connolly General Practice 271820
Dr Aoife Heeney Medicine 417368
Dr Zara Togher Medicine 417460
Dr Ciara De Buitléir Medicine 414611
Dr Yvonne Lee General Practice 414371
Dr Tony Lee General Practice 6090
Dr Noel McEntagart Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 188499
Dr Marianne Keenan Medicine 420501
Dr Iyshwarya Stapleton Paediatrics 414729
Dr Niamh Fee Obstetrics & Gynaecology 410980
Dr Caroline Conlon Medicine 410918
Dr Vicky O’Dwyer Obstetrics & Gynaecology 247773
Dr John Sheeran General Practice 1513
Dr Emer Cullen Medicine 406411
Dr Jonathan Clarke Medicine 417298
Dr Stephen Flannery Surgery 420449
Dr Emma Griffin Medicine 410919
Dr Carrie Murphy Anaesthesia 411635
Dr Caitriona Kenny General Practice 288439
Dr Nikita Bhatt Surgery 409362
Dr Dela Osthoff Psychiatry 14350
Dr Sophie Boyd Obstetrics & Gynaecology 420800
Dr Aisling Loy Medicine 223113
Dr Jean Gallagher General Practice 60575
Prof Mary Wingfield Obstetrics & Gynaecology 10210
Dr Minna Geisler Obstetrics & Gynaecology 247728
Dr Emma McNally Medicine 414760
Dr Rebecca Russell Paediatrics 415116
Dr Patrick Hayes General Practice 11240
Dr Catriona Reddin Medicine 414310
Dr Carmel Maria Moore Paediatrics 406199
Dr Jenny Walsh Obstetrics & Gynaecology 189733
Dr Yvonne D’Cruz General Practice 406599
Dr Ciara Dunleavy General Practice 408574
Dr David Cosgrave Anaesthesia 299215
Dr Kate Glennon Obstetrics & Gynaecology 403672
Dr Johnny O’Mahony Radiology 371699
Dr Nia Clendennen General Practice 23946
Dr Niall Bergin Other 417240
Dr Fergus McCarthy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 182382
Dr Eoghan Farrell Paediatrics 421003
Dr Aoife Lavelle Anaesthesia 363791
Dr Gillian Fitzgerald Medicine 356308
Dr Michele Doran Medicine 17535
Dr Claire Murphy General Practice 406555
Dr Khalid Medicine 402306
Prof Aisling Martin 18414
Dr John McNamara Anaesthesia 406380
Dr Alexandra Schmitt 363371
Dr Charlie Sullivan Radiology 408919
Dr Caitriona Henchion General Practice 12401
Dr Niamh Feely Anaesthesia 18392
Dr Caoimhe Fahy Other 182633
Dr Joe Duignan Surgery 72
Dr Kerri O’Hare Medicine 406562
Dr Carla Hopper Emergency Medicine 400317
Dr Alain Fennessy Anaesthesia 418904
Dr Marcel Rujan Anaesthesia 412898
Dr Tomasz Iwan Anaesthesia 419021
Dr Agatha Albetel-Biculescu Anaesthesia 401032
Dr Angelina Farrelly Medicine 406242
Dr Tim Keady Anaesthesia 408916
Dr David Devlin Anaesthesia 406031
Dr Rose Crowley General Practice 406057
Dr John Waterstone Obstetrics & Gynaecology 383
Dr Emma Shaughnessy Medicine 420730
Dr Brendan O’Kelly Other 409069
Dr Brid McGrath General Practice 405958
Dr Eimear McMahon Psychiatry 245537
Dr John Murtagh Medicine 420612
Dr Bernard Kennedy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 417239
Dr Sheena Cassidy 420580
Dr Sunil Chauhan Anaesthesia 349415
Dr Sarah Geagan Murray 406423
Dr Megan Power Foley Surgery 420953
Dr Anne Marie Liddy Medicine 372115
Dr Vanitha Zutshi Anaesthesia 23459
Dr Bobby O’Leary Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409229
Dr Sean Armstrong Paediatrics 406366
Dr Orla Murray 417223
Dr Laura Durcan Medicine 270939
Dr Carmel Murphy General Practice 16267
Dr Críona Levins Paediatrics 410862
Dr Mark Griffin Medicine 405950
Dr Daniel Gill General Practice 23225
Dr Mark McLoughlin Medicine 415035
Dr Paul Fennessy Anaesthesia 403382
Dr Sarah Lochrin Medicine 417632
Dr Cathal Mac Dhaibheid Surgery 417097
Dr Padraic McCarthy Medicine 414580
Dr Eleanor O’Leary Anaesthesia 778
Dr Luke Dillon General Practice 363177
Dr David Niland Other 62528
Dr Erica Maguire Psychiatry 411015
Dr Jennani Magandran Obstetrics & Gynaecology 409487
Dr Jarlath Bolger Surgery 359515
Dr Aoife McKeating Public Health Medicine 362866
Dr Bryony Treston Paediatrics 406258
Dr Chantelle Ni Chroinin Emergency Medicine 409188
Dr Ciara Holohan Medicine 410922
Dr David Murphy Radiology 327295
Dr Thomas Murphy Anaesthesia 414561
Dr Kevin McMahon Surgery 420375
Dr Niamh Meaney General Practice 222313
Dr Mary Doherty Anaesthesia 18452
Dr Conor McNeice General Practice 6748
Dr Sheila O’Neill General Practice 10087
Dr Chloe Hitchcock Medicine 420623
Dr Eoghan Donlon Medicine 417927
Dr Sinéad Costello Psychiatry 406165
Dr Orla Fitzgerald General Practice 409251
Dr Cristina Herteu Psychiatry 410989
Dr Fionnuala Caulfield Paediatrics 408446
Dr Deirdre Coyle General Practice 23264
Dr Thomas Drew Anaesthesia 363188
Dr Sinead Kelly-Keating General Practice 300462
Dr Maurice Guéret General Practice 12518
Dr Ciara Conlan Medicine 417386
Dr Tudor Munteanu Other 401548
Dr David Vaughan Paediatrics 16396
Dr Cathy Gibbons Paediatrics 298437
Dr Stephen Chaney Medicine 408891
Dr Rachel Brodie Medicine 400363
Dr Yvonne d’Art General Practice 13099
Dr Aisling McCann 417110
Dr Niamh Kearney Other 411610
Dr Áine Mitchell Emergency Medicine 326053
Dr Maria Bohane General Practice 14364
Dr Claire Smith Medicine 417420
Prof Ray O’Sullivan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 16281
Dr Emer O’Brien General Practice 23118
Mr Brendan O’Connor Surgery 400084
Dr Carol Norton Psychiatry 411507
Dr Siobhain McKeown General Practice 411310
Dr Gillian Judge Emergency Medicine 406463
Dr Amy O’Higgins Obstetrics & Gynaecology 334837
Dr Cillian Mac Suibhne Medicine 419699
Dr John Garvey Medicine 139517
Dr Clare Morley General Practice 418511
Dr Richard Armstrong Medicine 403191
Dr Susan Harvey Paediatrics 408867
Dr Tracey Conlon Paediatrics 400235
Dr Shannon-Anne Lim Medicine 417146
Dr Czara Kennedy Surgery 420576
Dr Anne-Marie Sweeney Medicine 414602
Dr Mary Moore Emergency Medicine 406155
Dr Alison Gordon 414626
Dr Megan A Wilson Surgery 420906
Dr Darragh Freir Medicine 417905
Dr Clodagh McKenna General Practice 403540
Dr Fiona Roberts Anaesthesia 409054
Dr Grace O’Flanagan 417587
Dr Robert Patten Anaesthesia 403449
Dr Jennifer Brennock 406331
Dr Rebecca Weedle Surgery 408473
Mr Tim O’Hanrahan Surgery 8032
Dr Niamh Adams Radiology 357493
Dr Niamh O’Connell General Practice 400255
Dr Barry Kelleher General Practice 403332
Dr Sinead Walsh Medicine 221411
Dr Sorcha McManus Psychiatry 400581
Dr Aonghus Lavelle Medicine 298915
Dr Ciara Glennane General Practice 190075
Dr Geena Kelly Other 420353
Dr Charlotte Vaughn Medicine 414077
Dr Lisa Corbally General Practice 357711
Dr Eric Kelleher Psychiatry 221659
Dr Katie Livingstone 420889
Dr Darren Mc Cormack Medicine 417028
Dr Alan Broderick Anaesthesia 58762
Dr David Hourihan Anaesthesia 18193
Dr Niamh Tobin Medicine 417178
Dr Jonathan Royds Other 331095
Dr Brian Mc Redmond General Practice 59993
Dr Isobel Mc Donald Paediatrics 417561
Dr Rosemarie Fitzgerald General Practice 226228
Dr Iryna Surzhenko Ophthalmology 406898
Dr Gary Faughnan Obstetrics & Gynaecology 408541
Dr Laura Ryan Paediatrics 420138
Dr James Rooney Other 334973
Dr Emma O’Cinneide General Practice 403259
Dr Peter Barrett Public Health Medicine 400116
Dr Rachel Cole Medicine 400145
Dr Shivashini Kirthi Medicine 403086
Mr Shane Considine Surgery 354695
Dr Maeve Lynch Medicine 221035
Dr Catherine Jane mccafferty General Practice 22499
Dr Giao Le Other 372057
Dr Yvonne O’Brien Obstetrics & Gynaecology 328755
Dr Kevin Quinn General Practice 8579
Dr Razia Aslam Medicine 400801
Dr Catriona Laverty Emergency Medicine 363804
Dr Alexander Kelleher General Practice 408620
Dr Sean Fitzpatrick Paediatrics 408597
Dr Risteard O Lionaird Medicine 409280
Dr Eilis Nic Dhonncha Medicine 403195
Dr Aisling Ní Nualláin Medicine 417673
Dr Ronan Kearney General Practice 408987
Dr Aideen Phelan General Practice 15706
Dr Gary John Curran General Practice 21074
Dr Yoann O’Donoghue 417352
Dr Marie Bambrick Radiology 408877
Dr Sinead McHugh Medicine 410956
Dr Éabha Ní Mhurchú General Practice 330466
Dr Osmond Morris Anaesthesia 371495
Dr Sarah Barry General Practice 410904
Dr Richard Roche Nagle General Practice 20250
Dr Iver Hanrahan General Practice 58864
Dr Ruth Dwyer General Practice 356251
Dr Madeleine Murphy Paediatrics 354957
Dr Peter Murphy General Practice 406231
Dr Ray Walley General Practice 11971
Dr Robyn Archer General Practice 414646
Dr Brian Wisrman General Practice 11455
Dr Frank Loughnane Anaesthesia 15635
Dr Shane Kelly Other 420841
Dr Emma Troy Medicine 417159
Dr Darragh Storan Medicine 405945
Dr Marie Casey Public Health Medicine 221819
Dr Pieter van der Merwe General Practice 243971
Dr Max Waters Medicine 417283
Dr Orlaith McMahon Anaesthesia 358431
Dr Derval Mercer General Practice 23727
Dr Sarah O’ Dwyer Psychiatry 222653
Dr Catalin Iulian Efrimescu Anaesthesia 401563
Dr Grace Kavanagh Medicine 411149
Dr Sarah Duggan General Practice 246508
Dr Marie Scully General Practice 10165
Dr Darina Gilroy 420419
Dr Mairead O’Leary Psychiatry 8105
Dr Liam Plant Medicine 10119
Dr Breda Hennessey Medicine 402916
Dr Peter Lalor Other 420984
Dr Mary Roycroft General Practice 8712
Dr Ronan Donohoe General Practice 21337
Dr Gerard Kelly Surgery 411498
Dr Mo Varzideh Medicine 408173
Dr Aisling Dunne General Practice 417092
Dr Juliah Ahmad General Practice 243846
Dr Colin P Doherty Medicine 15552
Dr Aisling O’Connor Medicine 412052
Dr Fiona Lynott 414153
Dr Aoife Moloney General Practice 58206
Dr Aisling Bambury Psychiatry 400543
Dr Susie O’Callaghan Medicine 245855
Dr Margaret Connolly General Practice 9602
Dr David Byrne General Practice 329135
Dr Brian Higgins General Practice 400404
Dr Sinead Cornyn Other 420541
Dr Deirdre Glynn Emergency Medicine 327728
Dr Anne-Marie Moran Medicine 19948
Dr Fergal Howley Other 420140
Dr Bianca Dunne General Practice 248551
Dr Mairead Greene General Practice 400283
Dr Aisling FitzGerald General Practice 180511
Dr Gerard McGuinness Surgery 414955
Dr Anna Boland Medicine 420263
Dr Paul Scully Psychiatry 1524
Dr Rachel Kearns Medicine 420428
Dr Cathy Woods General Practice 357084
Dr Simon Gordon Emergency Medicine 411062
Dr Bryan Reidy Anaesthesia 410895
Prof Chris Fitzpatrick Obstetrics & Gynaecology 110
Dr Alexander Robinson Medicine 420308
Dr John Legge Emergency Medicine 405601
Dr Darragh Grace Other 420873
Dr Barbara Byrne General Practice 270280
Dr Sean Connolly General Practice 420238
Dr Louise Ward 420168
Dr Tadgh Moriarty Emergency Medicine 403194
Dr Siobhan McGuinness Anaesthesia 416556
Dr Michael O’Riordan General Practice 408686
Dr Séadna Burke Medicine 417264
Dr Muredach Fergus General Practice 1366
Dr Holly Acton Other 420581
Dr Eoin Kavanagh Radiology 21369
Dr Davina Henderson Medicine 420617
Dr Phillip Kieran General Practice 298197
Dr Ronan Glynn Public Health Medicine 343604
Dr Anna Louise Horgan Anaesthesia 417694
Mr Justin Geoghegan Surgery 5060
Dr Jess O’Riordan General Practice 23673
Dr Nicola Walsh Paediatrics 420334
Dr Blathnaid O’Connell Medicine 417493
Dr Laura Walsh Medicine 417504
Dr Kevin Moloney Other 420342
Dr Moninne Creaney Anaesthesia 362833
Dr Peter De La Harpe Golden Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 406202
Dr Fran O’Keeffe Emergency Medicine 269813
Dr Michael Doyle Medicine 408509
Dr Sarah Gorey Medicine 408580
Dr Ciara McCarthy Medicine 417287
Dr Barbara Duffy Medicine 417267
Dr Karen Flood Obstetrics & Gynaecology 59119
Dr Anthony Buckley Medicine 409160
Dr Lisa Roche Medicine 403410
Dr Orlaith Kearney Medicine 420435
Mr Garrett Durkan Surgery 15760
Dr Helen O’Donovan Medicine 417383
Dr Zenia Martin Surgery 23908
Dr Aislinn McDonnell General Practice 23663
Dr Eabha Manley 417827
Dr Laura MacDarby Anaesthesia 326075
Dr Robbie sparks Anaesthesia 418181
Dr Eleanor Cape General Practice 410552
Dr Louise Murphy General Practice 414527
Dr PhilMacilwraith Other 420411
Dr Eoin Mc Dermott General Practice 403420
Dr Niamh Walsh Paediatrics 408714
Dr Avril Cullen Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 18450
Dr Margaret Hayes Psychiatry 13210
Dr Marie Talty Medicine 417690
Dr Eithne Linnane Other 17534
Dr Claire Lenihan Other 420379
Dr Sophie Prendergast Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 411307
Dr Harry Harvey Medicine 420092
Dr Yvonne Hartnett Psychiatry 410774
Dr Michael McNiffe General Practice 248697
Dr Katie Medicine 411059
Dr Karen O Connor Psychiatry 222620
Dr Susannah Harte Radiology 57962
Dr Liana Victory Medicine 417869
Dr Jim Holden General Practice 17371
Dr Aisling ORiordan Other 20242
Dr Jeanne Cloonan Paediatrics 406582
Dr Adam Hardy Surgery 415110
Dr Padraic Doherty General Practice 508
Dr Geraldine Rochford General Practice 363291
Dr Declan O’Callaghan General Practice 7625
Dr Margaret O’Brien Medicine 300451
Dr Vogue Murphy General Practice 358293
Dr Sonya Ryan General Practice 277517
Dr Mark McCormick General Practice 6452
Dr Neil McAuliffe Anaesthesia 417852
Dr Sarah Murphy Obstetrics & Gynaecology 420225
Dr Luke Harrington Medicine 420187
Dr Ivan Yu Paediatrics 417247
Dr Olya Scannell Ophthalmology 357404
Dr Niamh Boyle Medicine 420050
Dr Paul Bergin Medicine 421325
Dr Eleanor McGillicuddy 277313
Dr Sean O’Callaghan General Practice 22271
Dr Aidan McGrath General Practice 406611
Dr Cara Gregg Other 417599
Dr Triona Hussey General Practice 410894
Dr Jennifer Smith General Practice 411357
Dr Alan Hopkins Ophthalmology 420162
Dr Jennifer Doran Medicine 420709
Dr Peter Kilmartin General Practice 19220
Dr Cassie Fives Pathology/Immunology/Microbiology 357802
Dr Kenneth Thornto Surgery 420088
Dr Christina Buckley Surgery 371202
Dr Alex McVey General Practice 189971
Dr Nick Barrett Anaesthesia 304139
Dr Mary McMahon Occupational Medicine 9939
Dr Christopher Leavy 417500
Dr Anna O’Leary Emergency Medicine 417398
Dr Mai O’Sullivan Anaesthesia 417648
Dr Lucy Belton General Practice 299408
Dr Ciara O Neill Medicine 420295