Dr. Mary Favier bio

Mary Favier

Dr. Mary Favier is a Cork based GP and founding member of Doctors for Choice. She has been a long-time campaigner for the removal of the Eighth Amendment. She has stressed to be better doctors and provide better care, she and her colleagues need to work without being bound by the 8th. She also outlined how the current legislation impacts pregnant people of reproductive age in so many aspects besides the right to abortion care – from accessing chemotherapy to x-rays.

Dr. Favier is an advocate for change based on her professional experience as a GP, and the many situations she has encountered as a result – she says “I have seen everything from the 14-year old who came to see me before travelling to the UK with her parents, to the 40 year-old woman who had to leave her two children with her husband, who has a disability, at home while she travelled”

Doctors for Choice is an alliance of independent medical professionals and students advocating for comprehensive reproductive health services in Ireland, including the provision of safe and legal abortion for women who choose it.

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