Join or Organise an Event for Together For Yes

Thousands of people across Ireland are continuing to bring their friends, families and communities Together For Yes, creating new spaces for conversation, having fun and raising vital funds in imaginative ways, as part of a positive and powerful movement of people calling for a more caring and compassionate Ireland on May 25th.

Want to organise your own event?

In homes and halls across the country people like you are organising events, big and small, for all ages and interests (see our Events Calendar). Download our handy events guide, or follow it step-by-step to organise your own event. 

Together For Yes – Fundraising Events Pack

Download Fundraising Events Pack

or follow our simple step-by-step guide

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Join an existing event!

To find an event close to you and join in, visit our Events Calendar

There’s something for all interests – from Chats for Choice Coffee Mornings, Wine and Cheese Evenings, Weekend Brunches, Film Screenings, Quizzes, Art Auctions, Comedy Nights, Dinner Parties, Yoga Classes, Dungeon and Dragon RolePlays, Poetry Readings, Bingo Extravaganzas, Clothes Swaps, Concerts, 5k Beach Runs and so much more! 

Step 1Share your event plans with us.

This helps us know how to best support you.

To Do: Fill in Step 1 Form and send it back to

Download Step 1 – Event Plan Form

Step 2 – Learn about donating in a referendum.

Don’t worry, our flow charts make it super simple.

To Do: Read and share with other organisers so all understand donation regulations in a referendum.

Download Step 2 – Donation Flow Charts

Step 3 – Print a campaign sign-up sheet for event participants.

This helps keep your participants updated on the campaign beyond your event.

To Do: Print this sheet for your event. Then ask participants to sign and opt to stay in touch with Together For yes in the crucial weeks before May 25.

Download Step 3 – Campaign Sign-Up Sheet

Step 4 – Share your event outcome with us.

This helps us track donations and thank you once funds are received.

To Do: During a referendum it is essential that we can track each of the donations we receive. Filling out this form assures accountability during a referendum, and allows us to thank you for your hard work!

Download Step 4 – Event Outcome Form


Your pack also includes a leaflet that you can print off to place on seats at your event encouraging more people to organize even more events!

Download Event Multiplier Leaflet

Please share and start the conversation.