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Together For Yes launch digital tool which reminds people to get out and vote Yes

 Rose of Tralee winners kick off ‘Get Out The Vote’ campaign


With only 7 days to go until the country goes to the polls, Together for Yes are today encouraging people across Ireland to help make history by planning their Yes vote next Friday.

To help people do this, the campaign has this morning unveiled a new digital tool that helps people get out and vote next Friday.

The digital tool sends voters a free reminder text the morning of polling day. It also allows them to plan how they get to the polling station and what time of the day they are going to vote, People are encouraged to sign up for the online reminder at plan.togetherforyes.ie.

The campaign was this morning joined by former Roses, Maria Walsh and Brianna Parkins, along with Together For Yes supporters in Smithfield Square, where a large group of people mobilised for a Yes vote. It was the first in a series of nationwide activities planned as part of the Together For Yes ‘Get Out And Vote’ campaign, which runs from now until polling day.

Campaign Co-Director Sarah Monaghan said: “If we want anything to change, we need to repeal the 8th amendment next week. Next Friday is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for people in Ireland to make history by repealing the 8th and ending the harmful impact of a blunt Constitutional tool which has caused immeasurable distress to thousands upon thousands of women in Ireland for decades.

“Together For Yes is today encouraging voters across Ireland to get out and vote. To help people plan their vote, we are unveiling a new digital tool that sends a free reminder text to people the morning of polling day. All you have to do is log onto plan.togetherforyes.ie, sign up for the online reminder, and then you are registered for a free text the morning of polling day. It’s a simple, easy-to-use and helpful tool.

“As we know from previous referenda, every single vote counts. That’s why we are encouraging people to get out and vote, and to make a plan for Friday. Plan your route to the polling station. Sign up for an online reminder text. Talk to your friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours. Start conversations. Most importantly, encourage them to get out and vote, and to have their say on the harmful 8th amendment.

“Next Friday, a critical national question will be put to the Irish people. Have your say by getting out and voting Yes.”


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