1. Check the Register

Each local authority is responsible for compiling and publishing a list of voters in its area. This is called the Register of Electors or the Electoral Register. The most up-to-date record is kept by the local authority where you are registered so if you registered within the past year you should call them to check if your details are correct. Find their contact details here. 

You can also inspect the Register at

  • local authority offices,
  • post offices,
  • Garda stations,
  • public libraries.

Checktheregister.ie is a search system which will return a negative result if the details are not exactly as entered on the register e.g. your name or eircode. 

Check that your ‘Election Type’ is correct: ‘Presidential’

If the register is correct you’re all set to vote on 25th May.

If your details are incorrect you will need to get on to the Supplementary Register.

2. Get the Correct Form

  • I’m not on the Register
    Persons who are not registered to vote must complete the RFA2 Application Form.
  • I’m on the Register but I’ve changed my address
    Persons who are applying for a change of address must apply on the RFA3 Application Form.
  • I’m on the Register but I’ve become an Irish Citizen and can now vote in a referendum.
    Persons who have become an Irish Citizen and are already registered must apply on the RFA5 Application Form.

3. Complete Form at Local Garda Station and Deliver

You’ll need to take the correct form to your local Garda Station along with Photo ID and proof of residence at your home address (a letter addressed to you). Fill in the form in the presense of a Garda who will witness your signature and stamp the form.

Deliver your completed form to your Local Authority before Tuesday 8th May. 

You’re all set to vote on 25th May!

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