Can doctors provide any treatment necessary to protect a woman’s health?

  • At the moment no. If a medical problem develops during pregnancy, a doctor has to put the well-being of the foetus before the health and well-being of the pregnant woman.
  • This can lead to delays or refusal to treat a woman. Sometimes it can lead to the pregnant woman’s foetus having separate legal representation in court.
  • By voting yes, we can allow doctors to care for the physical and mental health anyone who can get pregnant here in Ireland and without fear of breaking the law.
  • If there are difficulties during a pregnancy the woman can make decisions about her own healthcare, with the support of her doctor and family.

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I am almost 70 years old. I got married when I was 19 and thirty five years ago I had four children aged 13, 14, 15 and 16. They were all in secondary school and working hard to get good exam results when I awoke one morning with an excruciating pain in my back. I went straight to my GP who sent me for an X-ray immediately.

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