What happens if a woman is told that her developing baby will die before or shortly after birth?

  • At present, if a woman or couple decide to end a pregnancy before term because of a diagnosis of a fatal condition, they must travel to the UK or Europe to access abortion services.
  • They must do this without the support of the woman’s doctor.
  • By voting yes, we will be able to allow a woman who has a diagnosis of a fatal foetal condition the option of ending her pregnancy early.
  • She will be able to access abortion with the advice and support of her medical team in Ireland.

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It was the 1st of November 2009 when I heard the news that my much wanted second child had fatal foetal abnormalities and would not survive. I was 19 weeks pregnant and this was my first scan. I had been waking up crying for about a month before I was told the news by anyone medical. I just had a feeling that something was wrong. I was told that basically my baby was going to die. It might live and go full term and die after birth, or it could do tomorrow! The only certainty was that my baby was going to die.

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