What are we voting on?

The Constitution

  • The Constitution of Ireland forms the basis of all Irish laws. It can only be changed by a public vote in a referendum.

The Referendum

The referendum will ask us if we want to delete Article 40.3.3, commonly known as the Eighth Amendment, and insert new wording enabling the Dáil to make laws allowing women to access abortion in Ireland.

If we vote yes

  • The Oireachtas will be able to make laws allowing women to access abortion in Ireland. The Government has indicated that new laws will allow abortion in the following restricted circumstances.
    • If there is a risk to the mental or physical health of the woman.
    • If there is a diagnosis of a fatal foetal condition or
    • During early pregnancy for a woman’s own personal reasons.
  • No one will be allowed to end a pregnancy on the grounds of disability.
  • There will be new measures to reduce the need for abortion through education and contraception.
  • All abortion care in Ireland will be medically regulated. Ethical guidelines and standards will apply.
  • A woman’s healthcare issue will be removed from the Irish constitution.
  • A woman will be able to make important decisions about her health.
  • A doctor will be able to treat a pregnant woman the same as any other person.

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