What happens if we vote No?

Unapproved abortion pills will continue to be imported. Women will continue to have unregulated abortions either by taking abortion pills or travelling abroad which puts their lives and health at risk.

Doctors will not be able to follow best medical practice and provide care to their patients in crisis situations or provide treatments if they believe it might harm the developing pregnancy.

A woman or girl who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest will not be able to access abortion care in Ireland.  A woman diagnosed with a fatal foetal anomaly will not be able to terminate the pregnancy under the supervision of her own doctors in Ireland. Our laws will not reflect the reality that women in Ireland need abortion care. Voting no will do nothing to improve the situation of children with disabilities.

Only if we vote YES and remove the 8th Amendment from the Constitution can we change our laws, regulate abortion and care for women who need it.

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