What happens if we vote Yes?

If we vote yes, the current legislation will remain in place until we change our laws through the Oireachtas.

When we change our laws, doctors will be able to provide best medical care to all of their patients. When something goes wrong and a woman faces an unintended pregnancy, she will be able to access care options in Ireland, including if she was made pregnant as a result of rape. She will receive the care she needs if she decides to continue with her pregnancy and if she needs to have an abortion within a restricted time period for up to 12 weeks.

A woman will no longer lose her right to consent, or refuse consent, to medical treatment because she becomes pregnant.

A woman will get proper information before going ahead with an abortion. She will have a 72 hour waiting period to consider her options and possibly change her mind. If she goes ahead with the abortion, she will have access to proper follow up care by a doctor.

If a problem develops at a later stage during the pregnancy,  a woman will be able to access abortion care to protect her physical and mental health and also if she faces the devastating diagnosis that her developing baby has a fatal foetal anomaly and will die before or shortly after birth.

All abortion care will be provided through the public healthcare system.

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