What will we be asked to vote on?

The referendum on May 25th 2018 will ask us if we want to approve the 36th Amendment to the Constitution. If approved by a Yes vote, it means that we will remove Article 40.3.3, commonly known as the 8th Amendment, from the Constitution, and insert an enabling provision in its place.  “Provision may be made by law for the regulation of the termination of pregnancies”

We will not be asked to vote on proposed legislation. The Referendum will only be about removing the 8th Amendment by approving the 36th Amendment.

If we vote YES to removing the 8th, legislation for abortion will be proposed and passed by the Oireachtas subsequently in the usual manner. This will allow for abortion to be properly regulated, like other forms of healthcare and for women to get the care that need here at home in Ireland.

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