Use your vote, and vote yes

Fresh campaign stats show supporters knocked on 500,000 doors and 97 member organisations aligned to campaign

At their final campaign event before polling day, Together For Yes has called on voters to turn out to vote tomorrow in what will be a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity’.

Co-Directors Orla O’Connor and Ailbhe Smyth were joined by a group of Together For Yes supporters in Merrion Square Park, along with a giant YES badge.

Spokesperson Sarah Monaghan said: “Tomorrow is a historic opportunity for people in Ireland to change how we treat and care for women in this country who have a crisis pregnancy. Voters will have an extraordinary power in their hands tomorrow when they lift that pencil in the polling booth to cast their vote. We would urge everyone to exercise your democratic power and vote Yes to ensure we can care for and be compassionate towards women in these difficult situations. Only by repealing the 8th amendment, we can create a caring and compassionate environment for these women.”

Orla O’Connor said: “This is a once-in-a-generation chance to repeal the 8th amendment. Unless we repeal the 8th, nothing will change. Nothing will change for couples who receive a devastating diagnosis of fatal foetal abnormality. Nothing will change for rape victims who become pregnant. Nothing will change for women whose health is put at risk by a pregnancy. To achieve change – to achieve care and compassion for women in crisis pregnancies – we must repeal.”

Ailbhe Smyth said: “We have fought a long and hard campaign. We have heard powerful personal testimonies from women and couples who have been brave enough to speak out about the harm of the 8th amendment on their lives. We have heard from top obstetricians and doctors like Peter Boylan and Rhona Mahony about how the 8th amendment prevents doctors from caring for their patients properly. These are sensitive and difficult decisions for women and they should be allowed to make them in consultation with their doctors, and with the support of their families. This care can only be possible by repealing the 8th amendment.”

Facts about the Together For Yes campaign:
·      97 member organisations under the Together For Yes banner
·      Doors Knocked: 500,000
·      Kilometres covered on the national tour: 3000 miles
·      26 counties in 14 days
·      Badges distributed: 250,000
·      Postcards distributed this week alone: 900,000
·      Coloured Repeal jumpers sold: 6,000

In recent weeks, a number of new groups of professional have joined the Together For Yes as member Yes organisations. They include the Irish Association of Social Workers, Engineers for Yes, Dentists for Yes, Psychiatric Nurses for Yes, Farmers for Yes, Writers for Yes, Adopted People for Yes, Scientists for Yes and the

For a full list of the 97 Together For Yes member organisations, please visit:

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