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Make it count on Friday 25th May

How to vote YES on Friday, 25th May


The address of the polling station will be on your polling card that you should receive over the coming days. Alternatively, you can contact your City or County Council.


Polling stations will be open from 7 am until 10 pm on Friday, 25th May.


You do not need your polling card to vote. You just need to bring a photographic identification, such as a driving licence, a passport or a work or student ID.

You must take off your Yes badge in the polling station. You can’t wear any clothes with visible political slogans or Together for Yes branded clothes.

At the polling station, you will receive a ballot paper asking you to say yes or no to the 36th Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2018.

To vote YES, mark an X in the box for Ta/Yes . Do not mark anything else on the ballot paper.

If you are visually impaired, you can get a new plastic device at each polling station that can be placed over the ballot paper. It will help you to vote in private.

If you have a disability, you can receive assistance from a companion or the presiding officer.

Place the ballot paper in the designated ballot box.

Talk to your family and friends about the importance of voting YES on Friday, 25th May.

Thank you!

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